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Valentine’s Day Traditions

18 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World In 2020 To Make The Day Of Love Special!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with that, stores in many places are flooded with heart-shaped candies, stuffed toys, balloons, and varieties of chocolates. While stores filled with red balloons and gifting materials is a common sight during Valentine’s Day in India and a few other nations, couples in Bulgaria celebrate their love with a glass of the excellent local wine, lovebirds in Wales exchange special and intricately handcrafted wooden spoons, and Romanian couples go to forest to pick flowers and wash their faces in the snow as a sign of good luck. Valentine’s day celebrations around the world occurs in different ways that reflect local ideas about love.  Valentine’s Day Traditions

Before you go on learning the unique and interesting Valentine’s Day traditions around the world that make the day of love special in these countries, here’s a story about how it all started.

History Of Valentine’s Day

St Valentine - Valentine’s Day Traditions

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Valentine’s day around the world is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine, but who’s this mysterious saint and why’s the festival celebrated with such gusto! Although the truth behind the festival is murky, there are a few stories you would like to know. It’s said that Valentine was a priest who served during the 3rd century in Rome, And when emperor Claudius II announced that single men made better soldiers than those with families and wives, he outlawed marriage for young soldiers.  Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine went against this injustice being done to young men and started performing secret marriages for young lovers. When the emperor found out about Valentine’s actions, he ordered that the saint be put to death. The other tale suggests that the saint may have been killed while helping the Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were tortured. Gradually, Saint Valentine became so popular that couples all across the world started celebrating Valentine’s Day as the day of love.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Check out the interesting Valentine’s day traditions around the world. This day isn’t all about flowers and chocolates around the world. Different countries celebrate it in their own way. Keep scrolling down to know more!  Valentine’s Day Traditions

  • Argentina – For A Week Of Sweetness
  • France – Epicentre Of Romance
  • South Korea – For A Unique Set Of Experience
  • Philippines – A Gala Event
  • Ghana – National Chocolate Day
  • Bulgaria – Day Of Winemakers
  • Wales – Day Of San Dwynwen
  • Spain – Feast Of Saint Dionysus
  • South West China – Sisters’ Meal Festival
  • Denmark – A Celebration Of Love
  • Romania – An Unusual Celebration
  • Estonia – A Festival For Everyone
  • Japan – Exchange Of Unique Gifts
  • Czech Republic – Celebrate Romance
  • Brazil – Lovers Day
  • England – Festival Of Romantic Love
  • Italy – Popular Day For Couples
  • Slovenia – Show Your Affection

1. Argentina – For A Week Of Sweetness

a couple kissing in snowfall - Valentine’s Day Traditions

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Argentinians don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in Feb, but “the week of sweetness” in July. It’s the day when lovers exchange kisses and receive chocolates and other sweets. In the country, the day actually started as a commercial invention but later became Valentine’s traditions.

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2. France – Epicentre Of Romance

pink rose decoration - Valentine’s Day Traditions

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It is believed that the first ever Valentine’s Day card was originated in France, when Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife from the prison in 1415. And the French village called “Valentine” turns into the epicentre of romance between 12th and 14th February. One can see the beautiful yards, trees, and homes decorated with love cards, roses, and proposals for marriage flake. It probably is the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions in the world.

Best Places For A Romantic Dinner: NoLita, Benoit

3. South Korea – For A Unique Set Of Experience

couples painting each other with chocolate hearts - Valentine’s Day Traditions

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The romantic couples in South Korea celebrate the day of love on the 14th of each month. Yeah, you read it right! “the day of roses” is celebrated in May, “the day of kisses” is celebrated in June, “the day of hugs in December” and single people celebrate “the black day” in April by eating black noodles. It is a complete different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world. 

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4. Philippines – A Gala Event

couples getting married in Philippines on valentines day

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In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is the time when many young couples marry in an event sponsored by the government as a form of public service. Among the most amazing Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world, this one is a gala event in the country and a special day for young people.   Valentine’s Day Traditions

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5. Ghana – National Chocolate Day

black chocolate with cocoa on table

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In Ghana, Feb 14 is celebrated as the “National Chocolate Day.” It is a step that the Ghana government took in 2007 to increase tourism in the country. Ghana is among the largest cocoa producing countries in the world. On Feb 14, one can attend performances, music events, and restaurants have themed menus for the special day.

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6. Bulgaria – Day Of Winemakers

couple holding wine glass in their hands

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Like any other country, Bulgaria celebrates Valentine’s Day in its own style. On 14 February, San Trifon Zartan is celebrated in Bulgaria, which means “day of winemakers”. Young and old couples celebrate their love with a glass of wonderful local wine.

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7. Wales – Day Of San Dwynwen

wooden carved spoons

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In Wales, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the most unique way. The country celebrates its day of love on Jan 25, which is called the “day of San Dwynwen.” On the day, lovers exchange unique and beautifully handcrafted wooden spoons to each other. This tradition is being practiced since the 16th century.

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8. Spain – Feast Of Saint Dionysus

marzipan for valentines day

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The day of love in Valencia of Spain falls on 9th Oct. This is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus. The festival is celebrated in most of the parts of Spain by making ‘macadora’, a marzipan figurine. The figurines are made by men to gift to their female companions. One can also witness colourful parades on the streets of the villages of Spain.

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9. South West China – Sisters’ Meal Festival

a bunch of people eating on a long table on valentines day

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In Miao, South West China, “Sisters’ Meal” festival is celebrated on 15th March. During the festival, women wear silver accessories and beautiful dresses, that are probably the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day customs around the world. They cook various dishes of coloured rice that’s offered on silk fabric to young men walking on roads. The destiny of the lovelies inside the object found in the chosen rice. Two chopsticks mean love and a clove of garlic means the love is over before it has even begun.

Best Places For A Romantic Dinner: South West China, Indian Pagoda Chinese Restaurant

10. Denmark – A Celebration Of Love

valentines day in denmark

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Although Valentine’s Day is one of the new Denmark festivals, the country also celebrates the day of love and romance on 14th Feb with a twist. In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is not limited to roses and chocolates. Friends and lovers exchange handmade cards with pressed white flowers that are called snowdrops.

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11. Romania – An Unusual Celebration Valentine’s Day Traditions

flowers on valentines day

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If you’re looking for some very romantic and unusual celebration of valentine’s day around the world, then Romanians won’t disappoint you. The day is celebrated on 24th Feb as the day when young couples get engaged. It is basically a mix of Valentine’s Day and the celebrated of spring season. Young men and women go to the forests to pick colorful flowers, while other couples wash their faces with snow as a sign of good luck.

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12. Estonia – A Festival For Everyone

friends celebrating

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On 14 Feb, Estonia celebrates friendship day known as Sobrapaev. This amazing festival includes everyone, from couples to singles. So not just couples, but family members and friends also exchange gifts and celebrate love.

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13. Japan – Exchange Of Unique Gifts

Japan chocolate

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Japan does it quite differently. It is celebrated on 14th Feb and women buy gifts and chocolates for their male companions or lovers. Men can’t return gifts until March 14, which is called the “white day”.

Best Places For A Romantic Dinner: Sakura, En – Japanese restaurant

14. Czech Republic – Celebrate Romance

statue of the poet Karol Hynek Macha

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In the Czech Republic, Valentine’s Day has gradually become quite popular among young people. The festival is celebrated on 1st May in the country. On the day, young couples go on a pilgrimage to the statue of the poet Karol Hynek Macha, and kiss under the cherry trees for good luck.

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15. Brazil – Lovers Day

a couple having romantic dinner - Valentine’s Day Traditions

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“Dia dos Namorados” festival, which is also known as “Lovers day”, is celebrated in Brazil. There’s a usual exchange of chocolates, cards, flowers, and one can witness music festivals and dance performances. Gifting is not reserved for couples during the festival, family dinners are common on the day.

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16. England – Festival Of Romantic Love

Chocolates - Valentine’s Day Traditions

On Valentine’s day in England, women used to place five bay leaves on their pillows. This was done with an aim to bring dreams of their future husbands. In Norfolk, Jack Valentine acts as a Santa for Valentine’s day. Children anxiously wait for the Santa, though they don’t get to see Old Father Valentine.

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17. Italy – Popular Day For Couples

Dinner Served Glasses Celebration Wine Restaurant - Valentine’s Day Traditions

Originally Italians celebrated Valentine’s day as their spring festival. Another Italian valentine’s day tradition was for young, unmarried couples to wake up before dawn to spot their future husband. Today, Italians celebrate by exchanging gifts between lovers and romantic dinners.

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18. Slovenia – Show Your Affection

christmas food

In Slovenia, St Valentine is one of the patron saints of spring. It is believed that February 14, plants start to regenerate as this day marks the first day of working in the fields for the New Year. There is another popular belief that birds ‘propose’ to each other on this day. In order to witness this occasion, one must walk barefoot through fields that are often still frozen.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Q. What are some traditions on Valentine’s Day?

A. Some popular valentine’s day traditions include exchanging gifts such as roses or chocolates, and a romantic night out or dinner. School children often exchange valentine’s card that may contain chocolate.

Q. How do other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Gifting materials is a common sight during Valentine’s day in India. Few other nations like couples in Bulgaria celebrate their love with a glass of local wine while in Wales they exchange special handcrafted wooden spoon. Valentin’s day celebrations around the world occurs in different ways reflecting the local ideas about love.

Q. Is Valentine’s Day celebrated worldwide?

A. Yes, Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide regardless of its origin. February 14 marks a day of celebrating love in unique style around the world.

Q. How many countries celebrate Valentines Day?

A. There are many countries which celebrate Valentine’s day with much fun and laughter. February is rightly referred to as the month of romance.

Q. Who started the Valentine’s Day tradition?

A. The history of Valentine’s day and the story of St. Valentine is shrouded in mystery. However, there are few stories associated with its origins.

Q. Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy?

A. Valentine’s day in Italy was previously celebrated as their spring festival. Today, they celebrate by exchanging gifts and going ona romantic date with lovers.



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